Project Management and Construction Reporting

Project Management is the cornerstone of the systems and processes that CMS use in providing a range of naval architecture and maritime consulting projects and also forms the basis of our ISO9001:2015 accreditation.

CMS manage each and every project to ensure that the final product, either design or consulting, meets our clients expectations. CMS also provide these expert project management and financial skills in assisting other organisations within the marine industry to ensure projects are financially viable and will be delivered on time.

CMS have been engaged by a major Australian financial institution in providing construction management and financial analysis to assist in the confirmation of initial budget estimates and ongoing progress reporting and confirmation of milestone progress for payment.

The 36 metre fish farm service vessel is a highly complex vessel and of high value. CMS staff used their experience in designing similar vessels to provide a comprehensive review of the initial budgets and monthly inspection and reporting of construction progress. The report included work completed, alignment with schedule, variations and cost to complete.

CMS have been providing this service for new build vessels since early 2006 to Australian financial institutions and other organisations.

In addition to the above project CMS have provided the above project and construction management for the following projects:

  • Construction of a 38 metre Super Yacht
  • Construction and delivery of four 9.5 metre Fisheries and Research Vessels
  • Construction and delivery of a 13.5 meter harbour survey vessel.

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