Special Purpose Ship Certification

As the market changes ship owners are looking at other ways to hire their ships. Recently CMS have worked with a client to provide additional certification of their vessel to open up new opportunities. The ship was classed as an offshore supply vessel (OSV) under DNV, but the owner wanted to increase utilisation of the vessel, tasking it with a greater variety of roles. Some of the new roles required a larger number of technical staff that were not ship’s crew, under the IMO rules for commercial shipping these technical staff are treated as passengers. A standard OSV class vessel can carry up to 12 passengers, with the additional certification of Special Purpose Ship (SPS) the ship can carry an additional 48 personnel. CMS undertook a gap analysis to determine the requirements to meet SPS certification. The gap analysis identified that additional documentation was required. CMS undertook an analysis of the damage stability of the vessel and produced a new damage control booklet. CMS additionally provided information for the updating and creation of drawings including the damage control plan. This was all completed to the standard of the IMO and SOLAS.

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